Drawing Artists' Resource

Vincent Van Gogh

vangogh.png“The Hogue”, Drawing, Black chalk, pencil, brush, washed, heightened with white, April, 1883 van_gogh.jpg“Winter Garden”, Drawing, Pencil, pen in brown ink (originally black), on wove paper, March, 1884

Henry Moore

henrymoore1.png"Vultures", 1981,Etching

henrymoore.pngThe Artist's Hands III, 1982, Charcoal,carbon line, charcoal (rubbed) and ballpoint pen

Girorgio Morandi

g031_morandi.jpgLarge Still Life with Coffeepot, 1933. Etching
18_Morandi_tennis.jpg Campo di tennis ai giardini Margherita a Bologna (lastra piccola), 1921