How does color affect the mood/meaning of a painting?

Step One:
(15 min) Create a vocabulary of symbolism - we will do this together in class.
Fill in the chart: sky/land, tree, bush, building, animal

Step Two:
(15 min) You will create a simple landscape. Choose a symbol for sky/land
Choose three other symbols – tree, bush, building, or animal

No "m" for birds, No sun or moon in the corner. No "puffy" clouds.

Sketch the same composition three times on 5” x 8” white tag board

Step Three:
(10 min) Choose a color scheme from the Color Artist Work – Pull four dominant colors from the artist’s painting.

(10 min) Record the following on a separate piece of paper:
Your name, Title and date of the artwork, artist, four dominant colors, and colors used to mix these colors.
Check with teacher before you begin on your final paintings.

Step Four:
(30 min) Mixing as close to the artist's colors as possible, paint one composition using the chosen color scheme;
Paint the next composition by changing an area of color;
Paint the last composition by changing the same area of color to a different color.

Step Five:
Mount your three paintings on white tag board. Spaces between and around the edges should be even and neatly glued.