Color Landscape Painting


  • To create a mood in your painting by using a specific color scheme based on a painting of a famous artist;

  • To paint, mixing beyond secondary colors; to demonstrate depth of color in your painting.


  1. Use your own landscape photograph or choose an Ansel Adams photograph from which to base your landscape/composition.

  2. Copy the landscape onto a piece of matt board.

  3. Be sure you pay close attention to methods of showing depth on the picture plane (list strategies used on the back of your painting).

  4. Choose a color scheme from the Color Artist List.

  5. Record the title, date, and artist, along with the dominant colors and color scheme (complementary, monochromatic, analogous, primary) on the back of your painting. Please check with teacher before beginning to paint.

  6. Paint the landscape, as closely as you can, in the color scheme of your chosen artist.