Color Meaning Quest

Use the following link to do some research for the following task:

  1. Please take a color from the bowl and research the meanings that color has. You should find and record meanings from at least three parts of the world. In addition, record other color qualities that are associated with that color (i.e. mood, psychological, emotional qualities of color)
  2. Please fill a 9 x 12 page to demonstrate what you learn about that color. This may take the form of the name of the color, images of the actual color and the meanings of the color. Your page should SCREAM the chosen color.
  3. Other things your page could include: quotes containing the color, a border, a wide range of content.

For this page you will be assessed on thoroughness, creativity, and craftsmanship:

  • List your web sources on a separate sheet of paper, typed, printed, and glued neatly.
  • All writing should be very easily read.
  • All images should be neatly glued onto your page and glued into your sketchbook.
  • Ideas, written and visual, should demonstrate unique, original thought; please think "outside the box".

You will have only today to do this work….so be efficient!

You MUST leave your sketchbooks in the studio at the end of the day so I can assess them. Please self-assess both this work and your color wheels, P5 white.
Due Monday, 12/8: P3, P2 white