Designing in Light and Dark: playing off the Masters, Part 2

  1. Now that you have three images, one each from M.C. Escher, Stuart Davis, and Henri Matisse, pull at least three shapes or ideas from each image and draw those next to the image.
  2. On a 4” x 4” piece of black paper, draw, with white charcoal, a diagonal line that runs from one corner to the opposite corner. This line may be straight or not, but should basically divide your paper in half on the diagonal.
  3. Thinking about “notan” and exploring the possibilities of light and dark, design a composition that utilizes the shapes you have pulled from the work of Escher, Davis and Matisse.
  4. Press hard with the white charcoal pencil to create the greatest contrast between white and black.
  5. Please put your name on the back before handing in.