Saving Images in Correct Format to Post on Blog

  1. Upload all of your photographs to iphoto.

  2. Export them by going to "File>Export".

  3. Next to "Kind" choose jpeg.

  4. Change "Full size" to "custom" and CHANGE THE LARGEST MEASUREMENT TO 340.

  5. Title your work by using your last name, all lower case and title of the assignment, abbreviated. No spaces, special characters, etc. (ex. noackleaf, noackleaf2 or noacksb1. Notice the number "2" after final; if you have more than one photo for the assignment, please add a number at the end.

  6. Create a folder on your hard drive for all of the photographs of your work. You will need to access the photographs on your hard drive to upload to your blog.

  7. In addition to saving the photographs on your hard drive, save them on the server, in the appropriate folder.

  8. Be sure you put your work in the appropriate class period.