The Expressive Powers of Negative and Positive Shapes

2B due Thursday, 9/18
2W, 3W, 5W due Friday, 9/19

The challenge:

You are going to make two collages which will try to express two different physical states of being. One collage will try to capture the feeling of FALLING and the other will try to express the feeling of EXPLODING.

  • For each collage you will use two sheets of paper, in your sketchbook, that face each other, on which to glue.

  • Decide which orientation you will use to create your designs - Vertical or Horizontal. Both designs should be the same orientation, facing each other or side by side.

  • For each design you will use one piece of 5” x 7” black paper to cut up and glue on to your white sketchbook paper.

The only two rules you must follow are:

1. You must use all of the black paper for each collage (you might want to avoid teeny shapes…)

2. You may not make any recognizable shapes (no arrows, lightening bolts, etc.)

You should think carefully about the following:

  • What do the shapes of your black (positive) paper suggest?
  • Placement: how have you placed your black shapes on your white paper (thereby activating your white negative shape) in order to suggest the physical state of being (of Falling or Exploding)?

Please indicate (perhaps with an arrow) the “up” direction. Please keep your work flat and unwrinkled. Glue shouldn’t be visible, yet all papers should be well-glued.