Famous Artist Drawing

Artists use many different techniques to show value in their drawings. Value can help show form of objects, proximity of objects, and can add interest to an image.

Goal: To copy, line for line, to the best of your ability, the drawing chosen.

  • Choose one of the visuals on your table.
  • Choose one that uses different methods of adding value.
  • Open your sketchbook to a blank page and trace the rectangle of your chosen image on the right-hand page.
  • Neatly glue or tape your image onto the left side.
  • Copy, using your best effort, the drawing and value techniques of the artist.
  • Pay close attention to the relationships of objects to each other(proportions) within the drawing.
  • Try to use very similar lines and line variation as what you see in the drawing.
  • Use pencil/graphite.
  • Please choose your images thoughtfully; appropriately challenge yourself.