Art Fundamentals -Leaf Designs, using S P A C E

This is about space.
How you see it.
How you use it.

As artists we make decisions about space—
both in the positive (figure) and negative (ground).

We can create pieces that are more or less interesting,
more or less rhythmic, more or less balanced, and so on.

Previous Student Work

1. Choose one interesting leaf: You will use this leaf as the basis for all four designs. Trace the outline of your leaf onto tag board so that you have a pattern from which to work.

2. Create 4 compositions with your chosen leaf. You will use 2 squares of paper, one black (5.5” x 5.5”) and one white (7.5” x 7.5”) for each of the four designs. You must use most, if not all, of the black sheet of paper for each of your designs.

3. Using the followings principles of art, create your 4 different compositions:
• TENSION (place shapes close together).
• SYMMETRICAL BALANCE (same shapes on each side).
• RHYTHM (similar shapes repeating).
• Play, explore and create a UNIQUE COMPOSITION that uses POSITIVE and NEGATIVE space in an interesting way.

• Arrange your composition to leave a white border around the edge, however, you may break up the border in spots.

• On the back of your squares you should put your name and label with the principle you are demonstrating. Be prepared to explain.

• Quality craftsmanship counts!