Logo Design Challenge

Due Thursday, 9/18 P2B, Friday, 9/19 P5W
The challenge:

Part One: Find three logos or images, such as the ones in the classroom, that make good/clever use of positive and negative space. Glue the three onto a page of your sketchbook.

Part Two: You are to design a logo for your future (or current!) business. You must combine part or all of your name (just initials or all letters) with an image that is directly related to your business. Cleverness can be fun (note the FedEx logo) You should use black marker on white paper, but you may choose to do your layout in pencil first. You should try to make good use of positive and negative space and you should try to turn some of the negative space into the positive, as you can see in the Jeep logo in the classroom. You need to turn in at least one logo.

Some reminders about composition from Tim McCreight’s book Design Language:

Though composition requires parts, it cannot be considered except as a whole. Composition is to elements as ingredients are to a recipe…

There are rules of composition just as there are rules of language. In both cases, these are only useful as starting points. The difference between language (which communicates) and gibberish (which does not) is an adherence to fundamental rules. Conventional spelling, pronunciation, grammar and structure do not make communication good—they only make it possible.

…Here are a few of the rules of composition:
• symmetry tends to promote stability
• diagonals are more active than horizontals
• proximity creates tension
• equal amounts of figure and ground confuse the eye