Drawing Portfolio

Due: On Friday, December 5th,AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS.

Please include the following drawings in your portfolio:

  • pre-instructional drawing (on white paper, from teacher folder);
  • one contour drawing of hand
  • one brown paper, simple still-life
  • four thumbnail sketches for final;
  • final still-life drawing

  1. Fold large, white 18 x 24, drawing paper in half and tape on two sides.

  2. Place, in order, the above work.

  3. Write your name and class period on the outside of the folder.

  4. Print the completed rubric (circle where your work falls on both creative and technical skills), along with your PRINTED self-assessment in the folder and PASS IN.

Open a word document and answer the following questions thoroughly and completely, using at least 4 sentences per question.

  1. Look at the famous artist’s work that we discussed in class (the laminated sheets). Compare your marks to the marks created by Henry Moore, Vincent van Gogh and Giorgio Morandi. Which of the three artists’ marks, are the most similar to yours? Explain why and exactly where you used these marks:

  2. Look at your work (all in the portfolio) and progress over time. What drawing(s) make you the most proud? Please explain:

  3. What are three important things you have learned? Please explain why they are important.